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Facial Services


Facial Services

Our facial services are customized to meet all your skincare goals!
Image O2 Facial - (30 Minutes)

This treatment infuses oxygen, stem cells, peptides, & enzymes into the skin, leaving it luminous & refreshed!

Image Ormedic Flash Facial - (30 Minutes)

This speed treatment will purify your skin & make it radiant!

It contains certified organic ingredients, antioxidants, & is perfect for all skin types!

Image Ormedic Restoring Facial - (60 Minutes)
This treatment will purify, sooth, & hydrate using organic plant-based nutrients! Your skin will be brighter & balanced. Perfect for all skin types!
Image Ormedic Deluxe Facial - (90 Minutes)

This facial is a 90-minute resurfacing treatment that brightens, hydrates, & nourishes the skin!

It is plant-based, has fruit enzymes, & aloe vera! Perfect for all skin types!

Image Vital C Antioxidant/Antiaging Facial - (60 Minutes)
This treatment combines a stabilized vitamin C blend with exfoliating agents, hydrating ingredients, & plant cell extract technology to nourish dry, dehydrated skin.
Lil’ Beauty Facial (12 & under) - (30 Minutes)
This treatment includes a gentle cleanse, light moisturizing, &a scalp massage.
Dermaplaning - (45 Minutes)

Dermaplaning treatment removes small hairs/peach fuzz to reveal brighter & smoother skin!

Dermaplaning also aids in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, & acne scarring.


Facial Add-on Treatments

Image Firming Neck & Décolletage Treatment

Image Eye Treatment
Image Lip Treatment
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